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New Sign Outside

Dear Friends: As you may have noticed there is a new sign in front of the building. The billboard states “building for sale.” Yes, I am selling the building and […]

Mexican Vanilla Dark Chocolate Almonds

Dear Friends: Occasionally I bring in a new flavour of chocolate munchies just for a change. Some are a hit, like Chocolate Popcorn and they become a staple, others just […]

Chocolate Mousse

Dear Friends: The recipe this month is Chocolate Mousse. Just a fancy name for chocolate pudding. And who does not like chocolate pudding? This is comfort food at its best.  […]

Kitchen Hardware

Dear Friends: So what are these? No we are not selling hammers now. Well sort of, these are officially called Meat Tenderizers – hammers for meat. You pound the meat […]

All Girls Are Included

Dear Friends: In the past I wrote a newsletter entitled “Gloria is Retiring”. About the retirement of my old scrub brush – Gloria – and the new replacement, Ethel. The […]

Meringue Powder

Dear Friends: Last newsletter I told you about our trials in stocking Brown Rice Syrup, now it is Meringue Powder. There seems to be a shortage. We keep ordering the […]

Pizza Anyone?

Dear Friends: It was -38 this morning and ice fog. If you just looked outside you would have thought how pretty it looked – sort of a hazy cozy feeling. […]