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Are you puzzled that a food store has puzzles? Treats and puzzles always go together!


If you’re lucky to get invited to dinner, don’t show up empty-handed. Cooks appreciate kitchen gadgets that make their life easier, or something pretty for the table.

Wine Kits

Even if you can’t cook, you can make wine. It’s simpler than you think. And when in doubt, add more wine to your recipe.

Dried Fruit & Nuts

Butter tarts without raisins, fruit cake without fruit, banana bread without walnuts? Unthinkable! Good thing we have your supplies.

Baking Chocolate

We take our baking chocolate very seriously. We carry Callebaut and Valrhona baking chocolate for spectacular results!

Coffees & Teas

Start your day with the perfect brew! Explore our wide selection of locally roasted coffees and our mosaic of international teas.

Linens & Paper Napkins

Clean-up is a necessary part of cooking, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it fun with matching linens and cheeky paper napkins!